How was your weekend, Gems?! Mine was nice and relaxing but it made me realize that we might be hunkered down in our homes for quite some time. It’s hard to think about being stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time here in NYC so to get myself in high spirits, I decided that I might as well try and re-watch some of my favorite fashionable characters in film and TV. (See full blog post here)

And when talking fashion icons on the big screen, James Bond comes to mind right away. Maxim and I were gifted these iconic ribbed combat sweaters by N. Peal that were created in collaboration with the James Bond Franchise for the release of the upcoming “No Time to Die” film. (That is unfortunately postponed from April to November 2020 due to the Coronavirus). It’s the same sweater worn by Daniel Craig during key sequences in the film and although we won’t be attending the event, we channeled our inner special agents and decided to have a twinning moment styling up the sweater anyways with special agent Pluto coming along for the ride. How did we do?

In my latest blog post in addition to James Bond’s dapper style, I am also covering the fearlessness of Carry Bradshaw, modern reimagining of Diana Ross’s style, an innocent spirit of the ’90s in “Clueless” and Christian Dior’s New Look in Alfred Hitchcock’s universe. Read the full blog here.


My Favorite Fashionable Characters in Movies and TV
Finding Solace in the Color YELLOW

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