Comfort vs. Style is always a balancing act when it comes to dressing. This is especially true once the cold weather rolls in and all I want to wear is layers upon layers with a heavy parka on the outside.But there is a way to stay warm and cute at the same time that doesn’t require you to catch hypothermia. The key is selecting pieces made from heavier fabrics like knits, wool, cotton and fleece.

:coat: For this look I styled a knit cardigan with a heavyweights midi length skirt. I then Added booties high enough to cover my ankles and meet the hem of my skirt. I finished the look with a long overcoat in animal print that ties it all together. Because I’m already wearing heavier fabrics, I don’t need to layer up too much because 2 layers is enough to keep me from freezing my :peach: off.


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What is your go-to look when it gets colder outside?

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