Sharing another simple morning skincare routine with a few of my favorite products right now. I’m loving the Fenty Skin line for an easy straight to the point regimen, complemented with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for a quick refresh, a Gua Sha massage tool to help with circulation, my favorite Shiseido eye cream and finally a little love from La Mer on my lips to keep them soft and moisturized.

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:sparkles: Step 1: Spritz Beauty Elixir

:sparkles: Step 2: Apply eye cream

:sparkles: Step 3: Apply Toner/Serum

:sparkles: Step 4: Gua Sha facial massage


:sparkles: Step 5: Apply Moisturizer

:sparkles: Step 6: Apply Sunscreen (SPF 30+)

:sparkles: Step 7: Apply Lip Serum

:sparkles: Step 8: Apply Lip Balm

:sparkles: Step 9: :sparkles: GLOW :sparkles:

Let me know in the comments what your morning skincare looks like.

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