One of my goals for 2021 was to set up my own little gym/dance studio. So we mounted a wall mirror (3×5 feet from Home Depot), repurposed one of our benches and stashed yoga mats and weights in the closet. It’s a perfect area where I can meditate, do yoga and throw in some quick on the go workouts, because who has time to go to the gym?

Today I challenged Maxim to do some fun core and ab workouts with me. And Pluto decided to jump in and be our personal trainer 🙂 You can do all of these exercises by yourself or with your boo – all you need is a yoga mat or a carpet where you can lay down comfortably.

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1. Mountain Climber Planks: 3 sets | x25 per leg
2. Side Planks with a Rotation: 3 sets | x25 per arm
3. Around the world Crunches 3 sets | x15 rotations
4. Crunch to Reach: 3 sets | x15 crunches
5. Scissor Crunch: 3 sets | x25 per leg


Don’t forget to reward yourself! Make macaroons and watch Emily in Paris, if only because we can’t travel to Paris right now. Check out my stories later today for a delicious and simple at-home macaroon recipe that I’ve been loving.

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