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Dog Carrier by Wild One

I love taking my pup Pluto for long walks on the weekends. He is a true city boy and loves taking the subway (he always wants his own seat!) and just going out an exploring with me and Maxim. He is usually well behaved on these walks but he will chase two of his favorite things: New York pigeons and skateboards πŸ™‚ Also, me and Maxim were counting how many different modes of transportation Pluto has been on in his young 2 year old life and we counted at least six – cars, subway, bicycle, ferry, train, and airplane. His preferred way of traveling is still walking on a leash by our side but sometimes I throw him in a travel bag especially if we are traveling somewhere far. He loves his new Wild One carrier that also folds out to become a portable bed which is super convenient when we travel together. And it comes in black for a true New York City pup. This day we walked all around Downtown Manhattan in the Tribeca neighborhood and he got a little tired so I scooped him up and threw him in the bag where in true New York fashion, he got to people watch and enjoy the view.


Back in Black
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