Pia Puff-Sleeve Minidress

As we enter the fall, we tend to ditch our colorful summer dresses for darker and richer monochrome options. But this season, I challenge you to try something different! Something a little bold with a lot of volume and a stroke of color.

And what better way to make a statement than with a big ‘ol sleeve! 

Puff sleeves have been with us for a few seasons already. And they are a staple on my summer dresses and tops. I propose we add big baloony sleeves to our fall & winter wardrobes. Bold colors and volume should not be taboo in colder months. And they are sure to keep our arms nice and warm as an added bonus.

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Tip: Accessorize with your favorite jewelry, chain waist belts, classic pumps in solid or printed options or even throw on a pair or OTK or chunky boots depending on your mood and the vibe you’re going for. There’s really no shortage of ways to style these dresses.

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