How to Wear ’90s Inspired Large Hoop Earrings

90’s fashion is having a comeback moment. Neon make-up is back in. And so is animal print. Grunge and emo are starting to have an influence on music. Everyone seems to be yearning for simpler pre-pandemic times. Millenials are nostalgic for our childhood and Gen Zs are lusting for the childhood they’ve only heard about. And what’s not to love about the ’90s – we did have Blockbuster, Sidekicks, and Uptowns.

One ’90s trend that I still have a personal affection for is hoop earrings. These were a staple in my High School days and I am not ashamed of it. I would rock large hoop earrings almost every day. They still pair well with almost any outfit – try golden hoops with a white dress or a blouse to frame your face. Or pair them with a matching golden chain belt and bangles to balance out almost any color outfit.

– Hoop Earrings I Love –聽

When it comes to sizing and color – don’t be afraid to experiment. Try gold earrings for warmer skin tones and silver for cooler ones.

In addition to large earrings that make a statement, try smaller and medium-sized designs for everyday wear too.

As for the price, hoop earrings are an affordable trend to jump on. Start with a $5 pair from Nasty Gal, and work your way up to a 14K Yellow Gold Vermeil pair from Chloe & Madison (on sale for $50). But can definitely find some that fall in the under $20 range – like these ones from聽Francesca’s and聽 Guess.

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