Top & Skirt La Femme Apero | Shoes Alice & Olivia

Today I’m feeling completely renewed and ready to conquer this week!⁣

Have you all been following my “MoveFor30Challenge” on my Instagram stories? I’ve been working out and doing different activities for the past 20 days and yesterday I decided to give my body a rest and oh my, I needed that! I feel so rejuvenated and my body is so happy for it. We’re always go go go and some of us feel guilty about having a day to do absolutely nothing but lay in our beds and binge watch our favorite shows or read a good book and you know what, sometimes it’s good to detox from technology and shut out all the outside noise. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body and give it a little TLC. ⁣So this is my message as a Monday motivation. It’s OK to not be motivated once in a while :)⁣


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Today's Look: Casual Black & White Suiting

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