Sweater & Jacket: WnderKammer |Skirt: TopShop | Boots: Ava & Aiden

Fall in New York brings out one staple from everyone’s closet – a leather jacket. Our city’s unofficial uniform is already head-to-toe black and a leather jackets fits right in. I went to a party last weekend and almost every guy in the room wore a leather jacket. Leather just screams “cool”, dating back to the heydays of Hollywood when the  likes of Marlon Brando, Harrison Ford and Olivia Newton-John in “Grease” popularized the leather for the masses. Rebirth of rock’n’roll in the 70s took this look even further for women.

The new trend that I am seeing now and wanted to replicate here is “leather on leather”. Jackets alone just aren’t enough anymore. Everything from skirts, to shirts, to pants can be in leather now – and definitely don’t be afraid to wear more than one piece at a time! For this look I wore a belted jacket with a leather pencil skirt and heels to soften up the look a bit and make it more unique and feminine. I was going for “I can still kick your a@@ but I will do it in style” type of vibe 🙂 Another great part about leather, is there are a lot more vegan leather options on the market now so if you were hesitant to jump on this trend before, you can definitely do it now.

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Tell me about your city’s “unofficial uniform” – what’s one item that you’ve seen everywhere this year IRL?


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