Expressing myself through clothes comes more naturally to me than verbal expression most times. Can you relate? Getting dressed can be somewhat of a therapeutic process for me. I try something on, check myself in the mirror, add a piece or subtract a piece if something’s off, dance a little in the mirror to see how the garment moves, repeat until I find the look that matches my mood. Then there are those rare moments when I put on an outfit and everything just clicks   The fit is right, the vibe matches my mood and most important of all, I feel my best. That was the case when I put on this fabulous dress by Opificio Modenese. I felt the way every woman should feel when wearing her clothes, completely self-confident. This dress exudes a unique elegance with modern flare and that’s why I was obsessed. I accessorized it with crossbody bag from Thale Blanc to add a pop of color and threw on hoops from Maison Miru. I haven’t worn hoops in years but these felt just right! Who feels the same rush of confidence when their outfit is popping?


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