Did you know that there are many Greek words for love? It’s true, Ancient Greeks had over 8 words for LOVE! What we now tend to throw under the same umbrella of love – “I love you, baby”, are many different feelings and emotions that we can experience. A successful relationship should not be built on a single definition of Love but rather a mix of all loves that Greeks knew about:


1. Eros - Sexual Passion

The sparks that fly in the bedroom. Sexual compatibility – knowing what you want in a bedroom and communicating your wishes and desires to your partner is an important and often overlooked part of any relationship.

2. Philia - Deep Friendship

Passion alone will take your relationship only so far. Loyalty to one another, making sacrifices, sharing emotions are all elements of a successful partnership. This is also the type of love that you can get from your friends – and isn’t your partner supposed to be your bff?

3. Ludus - Playful Love

That feeling of butterflies you get when you see each other. Typically present in young relationships but keeping the spark going is important to not get comfortable with each other – dance, sing, be silly around each other more often to rekindle the “spark”.

4. Agape - Unconditional, Selfless Love

Being prepared to go out of your way to care for the other person – whether it’s family members or distant strangers. When you put Love out in the world, it becomes a better place and that love will come back to you tenfold.

5. Pragma - Longstanding, Mature Love

What makes any relationship work long term. It’s about making compromises and it takes an abundance of patience, tolerance and working towards a common goal. Every day is not going to be filled with unicorns and rainbows and at times you will feel like you want to strangle your partner but Pragma is what makes you get over these bumps and understanding of a longer common goal that outweighs any temporary bumps that you might have in a relationship.

6. Meraki - Being Creative Together

You feel Meraki when you lose yourself playing music, painting, cooking or doing anything else that brings a smile to your face. Sharing this feeling with your partner is a great way to share common interests and desires. Like dressing up for Halloween together.

7. Philautia - Self-Love

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect your partner to love you? Practice loving yourself every day, Gem!

8. Mania - Obsessive Love

Ok, let’s limit our obsession with your partner to a healthy minimum.


What types of Greek words for Love do you and your partner share? Let me know in the comments below!

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Love this list! It’s always good to have a healthy balance of all these elements 🙂


Who wrote, or sang, that song that goes, “There are many more ways than one, my dear, many more ways than one.”


Umm, you stated 9 and listed 8? Not that you didn’t do well but you’re kinda one short..🤔😅

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