INTERVIEW: OpalbyOpal x NYOTA Magazine Exclusive

Interview by Carol Wright Photographer: Maxim Skornyakov (@maximsaidso) Get NYOTA Magazine Issue #27 at Opal Stewart, known by her over 30,000 Instagram followers as OpalbyOpal, is a New York-based fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger who has been creating and sharing content for over ten years. Stewart talked to NYOTA about her journey to becoming … Continue Reading

OpalbyOpal x Jamaica Observer Feature

Here’s a little background about me. I was born in Jamaica and moved to the US in 2000. Life in Jamaica for me was simple, I was still a youngin’ then running around, climbing ackee & mango trees and chasing lizards with my sisters. Never could I have imagined living in New York City and … Continue Reading

OpalbyOpal x INSPR Interview

Hey Gems, long time no see 🙂 NYFW is now all wrapped up and I wanted to bring you some content in the meantime. I recently did an an interview with INSPR , a community-driven brand that partners with creators to design product capsules authentic to their followings and inspiring to their community, and we talked … Continue Reading