Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nearly 300 beaches to chose from! There’s something for everyone – turquoise water and palm tree-lined lagoons for swimming and sunbathing; coral reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving; big waves for surfing; wild beaches and “party beaches”; beaches with restaurants and food trucks and secret beaches that are accessible only through a hike in the jungle.

Today, I’m highlighting Steps Beach in Rincon, a beautiful surf town on the west coast of Puerto Rico. It might not be on your visit list, but it definitely should be. With a myriad of gorgeous beaches all within a driving distance and amazing local food, Rincon has something for everyone. Steps Beach is know as THE place to go snorkeling. Read up why below…

– Steps Beach – 

What is it? A beautiful beach in Rincon, named after concrete steps sitting in the water. Rincon is known as the surfing capital of Puerto Rico during winter months, this beach transforms into a great snorkeling place during summer months when the waves die down.

How to get there? Located in the surf town of Rincon, on the west coast of Puerto Rico. ~30 minute drive form Aguadilla and 2.5 hours from San Juan. Parking is available right off the beach.

Good for? Snorkeling in the Spring-Fall and surfing during the winter. We had a chance to go snorkeling there and it was absolutely amazing. Large Elkhorn coral reef is sitting just off the shore and is populated by all sorts of tropical fish – Parrot Fish, Blue Tang, Surgeonfish, Sergeant Major and Yellowtail. Dolphins and turtles also visit the reef but we weren’t lucky enough to spot them when we went. A definite must-visit place for everyone who loves to snorkel and even if you’ve never snorkeled before, you won’t be disappointed.

Food Options? No food on the beach but just a short drive away is Rincon Marina with multiple restaurants and food trucks to choose from. Make sure to grab fish bites from El Ancla Restaurant, they are divine.

How crowded? No overly crowded. Most visitors stay by the entrance to the beach area and if you walk 10 minutes away, it will nearly empty to enjoy.

– What to Wear at Steps Beach- 

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Look #2: 

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– More Survival Beach Inspiration – 

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