Patrick Cupid Dress
Finca Rosa Blanca Grounds
Patrick Cupid Dress Closeup

I learned of Patrick Cupid, a talented designer from NYC, while writing up an article “5 Black Male Fashion Designers Who Are Slaying The Game” 
as part of my “Going Against the Grain: Black-Owned Brands Spotlight” series last summer.

Here is what I wrote about Patrick and his eponymous brand back then: “Patrick Cupid makes playful clothes that draw on his US and European design roots. Playful coloring, printed crepe, soft wool, it’s a European elegance in a nutshell that fits right into the old streets of Paris and perhaps a vacation at French Riviera. This emerging designer had to battle through so much to get where he is now – originally self-taught, he has worked almost every job in the fashion world while working on his own label – overseeing a model agency, PR agency, a consultancy, being a photographer, as well as working at a furniture showroom and an art gallery. And there is also the fact that Patrick hails from the Bronx and breaks the stereotype of what a designer making elegant and feminine clothes should look like. “People have said to me: “you are Black, and from the Bronx, you should do streetwear; it will sell big in Europe because they like Black American style. They are obsessed with the ghetto. So you should pretend to be more hip-hop” to which Patrick just laughs and continues to follow his vision. On his own terms.”

So you can imagine my surprise when Patrick Cupid reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to take his Ogun Dress on my Costa Rica vacation. I happily agreed and ended up taking these fantastic pics in the lush pathway amongst Monstera leaves and tropical flowers. The elegance of silk georgette, skillful sunburst pleating, and of course striking red/blue/orange print made me fall in love with this dress. I felt like an enchanted butterfly floating through a Costa Rican jungle.

Check Out More of Patrick Cupid Designs HERE.

Patrick Cupid Dress

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

Location: Finca Rosa Blanca Inn

Finca Rosa Blanca Grounds
Patrick Cupid Dress

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