New York Fashion Week is happening! But just like every other major event of 2020 that wasn’t canceled, it looks nothing like it did in the past. The “new normal” of everyday social-distancing is pushing the organizers behind NYFW to get more creative than ever. On the CFDA website, shows and presentations are streamed live but you can also return to shows that already ran and re-watch them in your own time. Most shows look like a video presentation or a fashion short film that you would find on YouTube rather than a traditional runway, complete with fast-paced cuts and close-up shots of outfits. In addition to the shows, the @NYFW website will also be streaming talks with designers, tastemakers and those in the industry that are available to watch online as well, all to bring this year’s unprecedented fashion week closer to those who love fashion.

But as we all know, #NYFW is not just about seeing the latest designs on the runways. It has always been about so much more than that to me personally – the energy of the Fashion Week crowd is unmatched, seeing old and new fabulous faces, the style that everyone brings – all of this is hard to replicate in a digital setting. But at least we can try, right? Tonight I will dress-up, pour myself a glass of wine, and start streaming #NYFWOnACouch! And I challenge all of you beautiful people to do the same and to remember that fashion will never die!

What shows are you looking forward to seeing? Use my hashtag #NYFWOnACouch so I can see what you’re rockin’!!


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