Forget pastels this Spring – we are going for a full 2000’s baddie aesthetic with this vibrant green neon monochrome outfit perfect for chilling in the sun & turning heads anywhere you go. It’s a total confidence booster!Β 

Keep reading to learn how to style this monochromatic neon outfit below:

- What is MOnoCHrome DressinG? -

Monochrome dressing is an easy way to elevate your style without putting too much thought into it. No matter your shape, size or style, a monochromatic look is always sharp and visually appealing. You might not even need to buy anything new to achieve it, because more likely than not, the pieces you need are already in your closet. There are 3 simple steps you need to follow to pull off this look. First, find a color that works for you.Β Then, play with different fabrics and textures. And finally, experiment with different shades of the same color.Β 

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- How to Style this Look -

  1. Start with a matching skirt & blazer set. I went with vibrant green color for both – but yellow, fuchsia or any other neon colors can work as well.
  2. Pair with a complementary color underneath – I went with a yellow turtleneck crop top here. Think green-yellow, red – pink, blue – indigo, etc.
  3. Throw on a pair of nude pumps to offset the colors. Or go for a maximalist look with a matching pair of sneakers in bright neon.
  4. Accessorize! Think complementary or toned down colors here again – gold & silver work well. I went with my trusty chain belts from Lapo Lounge & a bag from Aldo.


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