To celebrate the release of a new James Bond movie “No Time to Die” (That was unfortunately postponed from April to November 2020 due to Coronavirus scare), Maxim and I channeled our inner secret agents and went on a mission to save the word (See our 007 photoshoot here). In today’s blog post I wanted to cover my favorite fashionable characters in movie and TV. In addition to James Bond’s dapper style, I am also covering the fearlessness of Carry Bradshaw, modern reimagining of Diana Ross’s style, an innocent spirit of the ’90s in “Clueless” and Christian Dior’s New Look in Alfred Hitchcock’s universe. Keep reading to see my full list!

James Bond – James Bond Franchise

Character of James Bond, everyone’s favorite spy with over 30 movies, played by 9 different actors, like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan is the definition of classical men throughout the decades – there was at least 3 movies in each decade? A classical Bond look would consist of a black or white tuxedo with a bowtie or grey 3 piece suit with a neat polo shirt thrown in for more informal occasions. Latest Agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, is a more adventurous dapper dresser. While he still keeps the tux and a suit for most adventures, he is not afraid to throw on a wool command sweater from N.Peal or Mountain Hiking Boots from Danner. Black turtleneck sweaters, military jackets, and who can forget La Perla blue swim trunks from Casino Royale. This  James Bond will kick your butt and look good doing it.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Sex and the City

I have always been open about my admiration of Sarah Jessica Parker’s style on-screen and in real life. The role that made her famous is of course that of Carry Bradshaw in Sex and the City, a New York fashionista that I’m sure has inspired many girls to become interested in the fashion and glamour of New York City. Many articles have been written about Carrie’s best looks but what I’ve admired about her even more than her incredible outfits is her fearlessness to try so many styles. To always surprise us with what she would wear. To not be afraid of experimenting with your looks and switching them up and seeing what works and what doesn’t. This is my biggest takeaway from Carry.

Tracee Ellis Ross – Girlfriends

Another total style inspiration. Everything from blue suiting which you, Gems, know I love 🙂 to fiery red dresses, pinks, yellows, Tracee Ellis Ross does not shy away from experimenting with color. Her style has many other aspects in general – it’s modern, contemporary, feminine, powerful just like the advocate for freedom, equity and joy who wears it. Growing up, my sisters and I would be glued to the TV watching her character in “Girlfriends”, a TV sitcom about 4 black girlfriends, Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni  at different places in their lives facing life’s tests and triumphs together and doing it in style. It was refreshing to see these women of color who looked like us face and deal with realistic issues or balancing their careers, dating life and friendship. It’s a bit like Sex and the City but with a lot more sass. 

Keira Knightley – Atonement

It’s no question that Keira Knightley is a very talented actress who beautifully submerges herself into any role she is given.  I’ve always been a huge fan of her films and her role as Cecilia Tallis in Atonement had me in awe. That stunning emerald green dress is definitely what got me! The entire time I was watching the film, all I could think of was ok, I would wear this. And this. And this. And this… Every single garment she put on was just perfection. It’s a beautiful story of love, deception and hope leveled up by the incredible wardrobe of Cecilia which tells it’s own story.

Diana Ross – Lady Sings the Blues, The Wiz

A multidisciplinary artist, Diana Ross is a singer who got her beginnings during 1960’s Motown era and extended her talents to movies like “Lady Sings the Blues”. A biopic about another famous African-American Jazz singer, Billie Holiday, for which Diana Ross won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar. Satin gowns and silky blouses were abundant in both movies on this list. So were the accessories like flowery embroidements and oversized hats. Despite the passing of time since the era when Diana Ross ruled the airwaves, her style has surprisingly lived on and is being reimagined by today’s culture.


Clueless get’s it’s own mention as it’s whole supporting cast and even extras screamed pure 1990s fashion! Preppy, outlandish, fun and not taking themselves too seriously, these outfits somehow captured the spirit of the 90s in one movie. The decade when fashion became as accessible as ever and teenagers with newfound freedoms were able to copy flashy styles worn by stars on MTV. In retrospect we were somehow all more naive and innocent during that decade than we are now, before the technological leap through that the Internet would have on our lives.  There’s something romantic about big school binders, even bigger phones and shopping with your friends IRL that we’ve lost in decades that followed.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Universe – Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds

In contrast to the flashy 90’s , here we have cool and collected 50’s presented in all of their glory. The heroes and anti-heroes of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies definitely had style. The post-war era saw a resurgance of  haute couture for women and relaxation of suiting rules for men. Grace Kelly in “Rear Window” was the embodiment of Christian Dior’s “New Look”popularised in 1950’s – cinched waist, rounded shoulders and longer A-line skirts. Norman Bates in “Psycho” in turn wears a combination of casual shirts with sweaters or tweed jackets as opposed to more traditional men’s suits. Whenever I watch a Hitchcock movie, I always start for the thrills and stay for the fashion.

Let me know your favorite  style icons from Film and TV in the comments below!

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