Is it me or has everyone been into home plants lately? It’s totally easy to understand why – in this time when the world seems to be in constant chaos and we can’t seem to get a break from the horrible news stories flooding our screens one after the other. Bringing parts of nature into our homes and caring for them can be a therapeutic activity and can help you destress. Not to mention that they clean the air and are just a joy to look at! Once you start collecting house plants, you will find more and more reasons to grow your green oasis.

Some facts about my collection + how you can start and care for your own:

– Right now I have about 20 plants in varying sizes – from 2-inch cacti to 3’7″ snake plant (5’4″ with the planter).

– Snake plants, zz plants and madagascar dragon trees are the easiest to care for in my experience – but I haven’t had any big scares that usually keep people out of caring for plants.

– I’ve built my collection naturally over the years – receiving plants from friends as gifts and rescuing some from my neighbors. I’ve also bought plants before (check out your local nursery) and divided my existing plants.

– I normally water them only when the soil gets dry-ish, about once a week to 2 weeks. I also prune any dead leaves at that time. It’s a very therapeutic activity.

– I want to grow my collection even more and get a palm one day! Can anyone recommend a palm they had a good experience with keeping?

Do you have a plant collection? How big is it? Post it in your stories and tag me, I would love to get some inspiration from your Gems!

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