Happy Halloween, Gems! I wanted to do a little throwback and talk about my Halloween experience growing up in New York. My sisters and I weren’t avid trick-or-treaters but when we went out to trick-or-treat in the city, we would stop by corner bodegas, pharmacies and other 1st floor businesses on the street. Duane Read gave away the most and the best candy by far! My favorite candy was Snickers and also Hershey’s Cookies’n’Cream. I was partial to anything sour, sorry to all of the Warheads and Sour Patch fans out there 🙂 Me and my sisters would dress up in DIY costumes mostly – I remember dressing up as witches one Halloween with pointy hats and capes. Or we would dress up as cats, still a classic look in my book, with painted-on whiskers and cat ears. We would usually start trick-or-treating around 6 p.m. after school and be home when momma called usually around 8 or 9.  I remember streets filled with other kids dresses up as witches, and zombies, and ghouls all vying for the best bodega candy…And there would always be different urban legends  akin to “razor blades in apples”, which of course, looking back at it were completely false, but yet we fully believed in them as kids. The popular legend in NYC was that gangs would initiate new members on Halloween for some reason.

Now, as an adult, I still try to keep the tradition of Halloween going. It’s less about trick-or-treating but I still love to dress up and attend a party or two. It seems that once the Halloween is over it’s officially  Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So it’s nice to dress up one last time  and hang out with friends pretending that we are still kids living in a simpler childhood time of no worries and no responsibilities. 


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