I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry Christmas! From our little fam to yours, enjoy the festivities that went down this year in our household:

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Photoshoot

Introducing Santa Maxim πŸŽ…, Reindeer Opal 🦌 and Santa’s Little Helper Pluto 🐢

Christmas Dinner

We went with Jamaican/Russian dishes for our International themed dinner 🍽. Jamaican oxtail, vegan/GF patties, Russian pelmeni and a delicious vegan mango/coconut panna cotta that @handsomegeneration made were a few things on the menu.

Christmas Tree

I thought the detail shots of my rainbow tree deserved their own shout out πŸŽ„

My favorite part is the frosty effect on some of the ornaments that happened when I sprayed some extra snow spray after I was done hanging all the lights and ornaments. Oh and also the kaleidoscopic star that sits gloriously on top 🌟

Here’s to having an amazing New Year’s celebration and an even better next year (shouldn’t be too hard to top 2020, right?)

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