I hope everyone had a wonderful and merry Christmas! From our little fam to yours, enjoy the festivities that went down this year in our household:

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Photoshoot

Introducing Santa Maxim 馃巺, Reindeer Opal 馃 and Santa’s Little Helper Pluto 馃惗

Christmas Dinner

We went with Jamaican/Russian dishes for our International themed dinner 馃嵔. Jamaican oxtail, vegan/GF patties, Russian pelmeni and a delicious vegan mango/coconut panna cotta that @handsomegeneration聽made were a few things on the menu.

Christmas Tree

I thought the detail shots of my rainbow tree deserved their own shout out 馃巹

My favorite part is the frosty effect on some of the ornaments that happened when I sprayed some extra snow spray after I was done hanging all the lights and ornaments. Oh and also the kaleidoscopic star that sits gloriously on top 馃専

Here’s to having an amazing New Year’s celebration and an even better next year (shouldn’t be too hard to top 2020, right?)

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