“The Journey is so much more valuable than the Goal”

Whenever Spring comes around I always get so excited that I can finally strip off those extra layers. It feels great to trade in all the Black, Grey, and Navy pieces I’ve been wearing for the past 6 months for florals, prints and color. Florals are a must this season! Whether bright and elaborate like the print on the Kimono look from my previous post OR elegant and toned down like this skirt, they bring a certain level of femininity to your look.

These photos were taken on one of those warm 80 degree days we got in NYC while there was still snow on the ground. If this isn’t evidence enough that global warming is real, I don’t know what is. In any case, I always go back to the same outfit formula when thinking about what to wear. For me, it’s all about balance. The skirt was the primary focus and I built the outfit around it. When you have a printed piece, the best policy is to pull out 1 color from the print to highlight. This will bring the outfit together and make it look more cohesive. I pulled the copper brown color from the floral details and found this lovely off the shoulder top that compliments the skirt perfectly with its simplicity.

The Bardot neckline is one of the most flattering cuts and it compliments women of all shapes and sizes. It’s sexy, classy and timeless! Since the skirt was a full A-Line and hung below the knee, I wanted to bring a little sexiness to the look so the exposed shoulders were a good balance and I added the belt to define my waist and give the look a bit more shape. I have a banana shape which is just straight with no distinct curves except of course my booty (I was insecure about my bum when I was younger but I’ve really embraced it as I’ve gotten older. Power to Self-Love! I keep wishing for the universe to bless me with some hips though but I’m still patiently waiting πŸ˜‰ What are you looking forward to wearing this spring/summer? Are you a print kinda girl or do you gravitate more towards solid colors?

Wishing you an Exciting week ahead!!!


2 ways of styling a Kimono




A perfect Spring outfit indeed. That skirt is such a statement piece and deserves to shine. You look so chic and beautiful as always Opal.



Thanks beautiful lady!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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