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I took these photos just a week ago and it’s bizarre how much our world has changed in such a short time. Instead of focusing on the fact that I was enthusiastic about welcoming Spring, enjoying my strolls through the city and soaking up the sun as I originally planned, I want to talk about the color YELLOW that I’m wearing in these photos.

YELLOW symbolizes optimism, fresh energy and positivity. I know that so many people out there, including ones close to me, are going through one of the toughest times in their lives right now. We all like to know what the future hold and many of us like to plan every part of our lives but as we enter this devastatingly uncertain time, optimism is hard to maintain, energy is dwindling and positivity is slowly vanishing while anxiety, fear and confusion are taking hold. But I want to remind you that this is just a temporary moment. Our ancestors have gone through so much devastation and came out stronger and more inspired than ever and we can do it too but only TOGETHER.

It’s frustrating for me to see people losing their jobs, people having to grieve the loss of their loved ones due to Coronavirus and people whose lives have been turned upside down through the uncertainty of how they’ll feed their families or pay their bills. For those of us who are fortunate enough to not be in such dire situations, let’s do our part. This couldn’t come at a worse time when the weather is finally nice and we all want to be out and about with the people we love but I’m ok with sacrificing outdoor fun if it means saving lives. We’ll get our fun back and we’ll get to travel again, have social gatherings and go on weekend brunches again but now our focus needs to be on helping and protecting our healthcare workers.

Just as our healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to take care of the sick, while compromising their own safety, we all need to do our part to support them. They want us to STAY HOME so let’s stay home. I’ve been taking these orders seriously and I try only to go out to walk Pluto, go to the grocery store and ride my bike around the neighborhood to get some exercise. All while keeping my distance from people (at least 6ft). It’s a tough thing to do but our healthcare system here in the US is at the brink of being overwhelmed so my priority is to stay as healthy as I can because I don’t want to become an unnecessary burden on an already weak system.

The more we all work together to adhere to these guidances, the sooner life will be as beautiful and cheerful as the color YELLOW once again.


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