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Happy Monday Gems!!! I always get excited for a new week because it gives me the opportunity to start fresh and to tackle the things I neglected to do the previous week no matter how big or small. And being stuck at home is no exception! It might feel like each day has been running into the next like water flowing through a stream but today Paul Smith, one of my favorite designers, has inspired me to find inspiration in anything and everything around us. Whether it’s a book on your shelf, a flower growing in your garden, or your favorite spring dress, there’s beauty to be found around us – you just have to look close enough to find the thing that moves you. I’ve been inspired by this image from Tadao Ando to style up today’s look. I pulled different components from the image like the juxtaposition between light and dark, the beautiful Cherry Blossoms up top and the deep dark browns/greens at the bottom of the image, as well as the predominant oval shape to get creative. I thought what better way to bring this look to life than to shoot it up on my rooftop against the beautiful blue sky. What the full video and head over to my blog for the results. I hope this video inspires you to look a little closer at the things in front of you and find your next inspiration. Now let’s go conquer this week by keeping our spirits high and our souls full :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Top and Skirt by Zara | Hat by Bagtazo


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