If you are anything like me, you just realized that Halloween is *checks calendar* next weekend! So if you are looking for Halloween costume ideas, look no further than this post. My favorite thing is to match my Halloween outfits with Maxim and come up with couple Halloween costume ideas together. Over the years, we’ve tried everything from creepy ghosts & bloodthirsty vampires to Hitchcock-inspired outfits and royalty. Some of our Halloween looks came from Halloween stores, but most of them were DIY. So if you are looking to match with your partner this Halloween, read on to see 4 Couple Halloween Costume Ideas to try this year:

1. Queen & Her King

We did this costume for Halloween Β last year…err in 2019 (thanks Covid!) and it was a blast to wear and shoot in. Kings & Queens are always popular and you can go in so many directions with this look – think Game of Thrones or your favorite Medieval Show. Here’s how to make these Halloween costumes:

For Him: Crown, Cape & Royal Furs

For Her: Crown, Royal Robe Gold Jewelry & Flowers


2. Vampire & Red Ghost Duo

Ok, this one is a little more spooky. I went with a ruby red spirit of vengeance and Maxim did a more classical but still creepy vampire.

For Him:Β Top Hat, Pale Face Paint & Fangs.

For Her: All Red Outfit, Platinum Blonde Wig & Red Contact Lenses.


3. Norman Bates (Psycho) & Femme Fatale

These Halloween costumes were for McKittrick Hotel’sΒ Hitchcock Halloween Party. We paid our tribute to the master of suspense with a take on one of his most popular shower killers – Norman Bates & a modern Hollywood Femme Fatale – a mysterious, seductive & quite deadly beauty.

For Him: Gray slacks, White Shirt & Black Sweater, Crazy Eyes.

For Her: Black Everything, Rhinestone Top & Belt, Hairclips.


4. Axl Rose & Slash from Guns N’ Roses

For our last Halloween look we went with Rock’nRoll legends – Axl Rose & Slash. Clad in leather from head to toe, we channeled our inner rockstars and partied all night.

“Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games!”

For Him: Leather Pants, Blonde Wig, Bandana.

For Her: Leather Pants, Black Curly Wig, Trucker Hat.


Hope you were inspired by these couple Halloween costume ideas! Drop what you are wearing for Halloween this year in the comments below.

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