INTERVIEW: OpalbyOpal x NYOTA Magazine Exclusive

Interview by Carol Wright Photographer: Maxim Skornyakov (@maximsaidso) Get NYOTA Magazine Issue #27 at Opal Stewart, known by her over 30,000 Instagram followers as OpalbyOpal, is a New York-based fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger who has been creating and sharing content for over ten years. Stewart talked to NYOTA about her journey to becoming … Continue Reading

How To Style Chain Belts – 5 Easy Ways

Chain belts are a great way to elevate any outfit.  Today, we’ll get into different ways of how to style chain belts –  from simply hooking in around your waist to swooping it into multiple layers. The creative possibilities that chain belts offer are endless. Wear them any of the below 5 ways depending on … Continue Reading

My Travel Photography Gear

Hey, Maxim is here. Opal asked me to write an article on the gear that we used to capture our Puerto Rico travel and that we use on a daily basis. Below, I will walk you through the cameras, lenses, equipment and additional accessories that we use to capture all of our content and give … Continue Reading

8 Greek Words for Love To Improve Your Relationship

Did you know that there are many Greek words for love? It’s true, Ancient Greeks had over 8 words for LOVE! What we now tend to throw under the same umbrella of love – “I love you, baby”, are many different feelings and emotions that we can experience. A successful relationship should not be built … Continue Reading

Monday Wellness: How to Infuse Water at Home

It’s Monday and we are starting the week off right by drinking more water! Staying hydrated contributes to everything from glowing skin to helping with breakouts, reducing headaches, joints and kidney health and many more health benefits.  If you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of plain water, try infusing your water with fruits … Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to clean your jewelry at home. It’s easy to overlook cleaning your jewelry but it’s important to do it if you want to extend the longevity of your favorite chains, necklaces and earrings. I’ve been making it a habit to clean my jewelry once every 3 months to protect … Continue Reading

NYFW in Times of Quarantine and Social Distancing

New York Fashion Week is happening! But just like every other major event of 2020 that wasn’t canceled, it looks nothing like it did in the past. The “new normal” of everyday social-distancing is pushing the organizers behind NYFW to get more creative than ever. On the CFDA website, shows and presentations are streamed live … Continue Reading

Announcement: I’m Giving Away Lightroom Presets

BEFORE AFTER – Snow Day BEFORE AFTER – Smooth + Shadowy BEFORE AFTER – Rose Gold City BEFORE AFTER – Retro Beach Day BEFORE AFTER – Crisp + Bright BEFORE AFTER – Country Chic 6 Fashion/Lifestyle Adobe Lightroom Presets – OpalbyOpal Collection Free We all know how important it is to get that perfect edit … Continue Reading

Announcement: Let’s Shoot Together!

Hey Gems! Many of you have asked me how I shoot my photos so today I am showing you a little behind the scenes of a typical photoshoot. Maxim shoots all of my photos and our creative journey together started when we first began dating and I pretty much forced him to take my photos … Continue Reading

My Visit to the Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C.

There are experiences in our lives that stick with us for a long time after they pass. This was the case with me on a cloudy spring day in Washington, D.C. some 2 years ago. Me and Maxim were visiting the beautiful cherry blossoms and decided to visit the new Museum of African American History … Continue Reading