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Starting the week off RIGHT with a full-body workout that anyone can do at home. All you need is a bench and it wakes-up all of the muscles from your core to arms to your legs and booty! 🍑 

Workout Tips: Do 3-4 sets of each circuit. Do all of the workouts in a circuit before repeating it. Drink plenty of water in between sets 💪🏾.

The workouts:
1. Side Plank Hip Dips x 20 on each side
2. Bench Dips x 25
3. Mountain Climber x 20 per leg
4. Pushups – x 10 or as many as you can do!
5. Shoulder touch pushups – x 10
6. Hands to feet touches x 10 per hand
7. Bunny Hops x 20
8. Knee to Chest x 10 per leg
9. Arm Raises x 10 per arm

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