It’s been an enlightening yet encouraging past few weeks. Enlightening to see the responses of Brands and Personalities alike revealing their stance on the matter of injustice or lack thereof by staying silent AND encouraging to see the vast amount of people from every race under the sun showing up and standing tall against injustice while demanding racial equality at #blacklivesmatter protests. What a time to be alive y’all!

I’m proud of the unprecedented amount of people who acted swiftly for change by signing petitions, donating, protesting, calling elected officials, VOTING and so much more in an effort to get #justiceforgeorgefloyd, #justiceforbreonnataylor and justice for countless others taken way too soon. But we can take it further and support our black communities by investing more of our $ in Black-owned businesses. It’s time for us to recognize the spending power we hold and I encourage you to use it to make an impact!

Today I’m featuring 5 More Black Female Fashion Designers whose aesthetic fits perfectly with my own personal style and whose values I align with. I plan on featuring more Black-owned brands in the coming weeks across the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle spaces so stay tuned. If you have any other Black-owned brands you love, please share them in the comments so we can all add to our lists.


Anifa Mvuemb, fashion designer who immigrated from DR Congo and now runs her label from Kensington, Maryland.


Hanifa’s Instagram feed is filled with sun-drenched melanin. Anifa started out making custom pieces and alterations in her Maryland home, far from the fashion hubs of NYC or LA. However, through social media buzz, her brand grew from a small line to a juggernaut that it is today. Statement knits, glamorous jumpuits, ruffled pants, oversized sleeves – all in bright bold colors of yellow, red and blue, inspired by the colors of the Congo flag, where Anifa’s family immigrated from when she was just a toddler. Hanifa celebrates her roots in the most unapologetic way and her designs are a statement to women of all colors, shapes and sizes. Her latest fashion show, all executed online with help of 3d models, is meanwhile blowing up online and gathering even more attention for this up-and coming brand that I am sure we will hear a lot more of in the future.

Wales Bonner


Jamaican-British designer, Grace Wales Bonner, based in London.


Central Saint Martins (prominent art and fashion school in London, whose alumni include Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney among others) graduate Grace Wales Bonner, got her start in menswear and it shows. Tailoring is front and center at Wales Bonner, her eponymous label launched in 2014. Her newly launched womenswear line is a direct extension of that – loose-fitting slacks, retro shirts with oversized collars, subtle prints and strategically placed embroidery, this brand merges it’s Afro-Carribean roots with European sensibility. Perfect for exploring the architectures of Havana under the night, next time you go there.

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Liya Kebede, and Ethiopian-born model currently living in New York.


Launched in 2007, lemlem’s mission was always about so much more than just making clothes. A resort-wear at heart, lemlem is focused on creating jobs for African artisans. Feminine, soft, and free pieces from the collection are handwoven in Ethiopia. The success of the brand has allowed more job opportunities all across the continent which is what it set out to do in the first place. Lemlem foundation, the brand’s philanthropic arm, aims to help female artisans by connecting them to healthcare, education and pathways to jobs.

Stella Jean



Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean , recognized as the first Black Italian designer, hailing from Rome.


 Stella Jean is a queen of prints. Whimsical, playful, irreverent, her pieces seem designed to make whoever wears them smile. However, under all of that laid-back attitude hides an impeccable Italian craftsmanship and attention to details. Her pieces are not only visually stunning, but they are also presicely cut, well-thought-out and polished. Studying under Giorgio Armani and collaborating with likes of Christian Louboutin, Stella Jean masterfully balances her Haitian roots and European upbringing.

Hope for Flowers 



Tracy Reese, a renowned CFDA designer from Detroit.


If the name Tracy Reese doesn’t ring a bell, it definitely should. This American veteran designer has been making clothes under her eponymous label since 1998 and have worked in fashion since the 80’s, at one point serving as the head of women’s portfolio for Perry Ellis and having dressed Michelle Obama on multiple occasions during her White House service. Hope for Flowers is Tracy’s newest entry into the world of sustainable fashion. Based in her home town of Detroit, the brand is focused on using sustainable materials like organic cotton and Tencel, ethical production and the idea of “slow fashion” including focusing on styles that are more flexible and able to fit more sizes and body types. Victorian blouses, maxi dresses and sleeved jackets are some of the standouts from her new brand.

Hope you are as inspired as me by these 5 amazing black female fashion designers who are slaying the fashion game in their own ways. Let me know in the comments if you have any other stunning women of color that I should add to the list!

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