Some people start their day with coffee, but for me, MUSIC is my addiction. I Love discovering new artists, songs, and sounds in general.  It’s a solid part of my life! It moves, motivates and inspires me depending on my mood. I wake up every single morning and I immediately connect my phone to my Bluetooth speaker and start jamming. Below I’m sharing 2 playlists. The top one is my current collection of newly released songs that I’m loving right now. I will be updating this list quite regularly so don’t forget to stop by this page once in a while and hopefully discover some new songs. The 2nd playlist is a collection of songs that I was loving in 2016. Oh and these playlists are directly from my Spotify profile, so in order to listen, you have to be signed into your Spotify. && don’t worry, it will work if you have the free Spotify account 🙂 EnJoy!